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Top of the Stocks

One of the main benefits of the Pursuit Sonic software solution to retailers and sales people alike is its ability to efficiently manage stock.

Good stock control is essential for the smooth running of any business. Once you have a robust system in place then you will see improvements in warehouse efficiency, clearer visibility of stock value and profit margins and, of, course, you can provide a better customer service.

An efficient stock control system means you have a complete knowledge of every product type in the warehouse, along with stock value, how products are performing and when re-ordering is necessary.

The Pursuit Sonic software solution is a great example of creative software design eliminating a potential problem. The software will eliminate time-consuming manual processes, which by their very nature are prone to human error. This automation of one stage of the retail business frees up staff for other parts of the business.

An organised warehouse allows for so much scope. Staying on top of your inventory is just one benefit. You can also group your best selling products together, organise stock by brand or by seasonality. You can ensure the most popular products are easily accessible. It all adds up to a smoother system, swiftly fulfilled orders and happier customers.

On the reverse of this very point, a good stock system will also help prevent over-stocking. While it is essential to have enough of your products on the shelf, over-stocking means the company’s capital is tied up. There is also the danger that an excess of stock becomes obsolete or past its best.

On the negative side – a business that is constantly running out of stock or takes a long time to fulfil an order, will rapidly lose customers and gain a bad reputation for delivering on promises. In this cut-throat business world, staying on top of stock management is vital.

With stock organised and labelled with the correct barcodes, it is harder to misplace or lose stock. It is also a deterrent for potential theft. Good stock management will give you clear visibility of the whereabouts and status of all your products, so you’ll be able to identify any errors or misplaced products.

The importance of efficient stock control management for a forward-thinking business can not be overstated. It not only helps you track stock levels, orders, sales and deliveries, it can help to streamline day-to-day processes, enhance communication across the business and drastically improve customer service. All the ingredients needed for a successful sales strategy.