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Jeweller Pugata switches to Pursuit software system

Fine jewellery brand Pugata has switched to the Pursuit technology system to help boost the efficiency of its retail business.

Discussions between Pugata and EPoS and stock management technology company Pursuit began after the first lockdown in July. With operating functions configured to suit Pugata’s requirements, the fully integrated system went live in November.

Established in the 1980s, Pugata specialises in exclusive and bespoke rings, earrings, neckwear and wristwear. Operating from premises and craft studios in Batley, Yorkshire, Pugata also sells fine jewellery online.

As well as back-office management functions and customer, sales and stock records, the system incorporates repairs and component ordering as well as delivery management modules.

Zak Patel, chief executive, Pugata Jewellery, explained:

“A major part of our business is bespoke jewellery so, naturally, the service we give our customers is intensely personal. “Our aim was to change to a system that would satisfy our requirements with compromises – and would deliver a superior level of all-round efficiency”.

“We knew Pursuit has a good reputation. All I can say is, they’ve lived up to it. They have a can-do attitude – and in responding to our needs have been attentive and constructive. Like Pugata, they are committed to delivering service of the highest quality. “When you think about it, what’s been achieved is remarkable. In July, we started discussions about the specifics of our requirements. During the relatively short time since, the software has been tailored to accommodate precisely what we wanted –and the system’s gone live, with all data smoothly transferred and our team trained. The speed has been impressive – especially when you consider we’ve completely changed the platform on which we run the business,” he said.

Patel continued:

“We were attracted to Pursuit by a range of characteristics. The fact that a bespoke mix of functions is built from on-the-shelf modules and facilities options is an obvious benefit from the cost aspect. Coupled with this is the ability to accommodate evolving and future needs– it’s future-proof, which makes it a sound long-term investment”.

“Another great advantage that it operates in real time – it continuously updates, right across the system. We have an up-to-the-minute stock picture of finished items and components, together with the production status of bespoke pieces and delivery tracking of components on order from suppliers”.

“Pursuit technology is state-of-the-art – and its flexibility and capacity for adding or modifying functions as our needs evolve means we have a business-wide platform that will always be up to date”, added Patel.

Mike Burns, managing director Pursuit Software, said:

“To be chosen by such a sophisticated fine jewellery business is extremely gratifying. With Pugata’s emphasis on bespoke, the art and craft of jewellery is very much front and centre”.

“Their requirements are exacting, and I am pleased to be able to say that we have not only met them, we have tailored a system with built-in future adaptability in a relatively short space of time,” he concluded.Article taken from the Retail Jeweller. To read the article on their website- Please Click Here