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Pursuit helps jewellers to get online with all-inclusive e-commerce scheme

EPoS software and solutions specialist Pursuit has launched a new e-commerce website scheme intended to eliminate expensive design and set-up costs for jewellers.

Savings are achieved by customising standardised off-the-shelf page formatting and operating software. The technology enables retailers to upload, change or replace images and descriptions from the stock management database on their back-office PC easily.

Online sales websites provided through the scheme integrate with Pursuit’s widely used retail shop point-of-sale, stock monitoring and back-office platform.

Pursuit has recently developed an all-embracing cloud-based EPoS, stock monitoring and supplier management system. Known as Sonic, it is designed specifically for independent retailers and is being formally launched on 29 July.

The new online sales website scheme offers two levels of customisation- standard and a bespoke option. Both take advantage of the off-the-shelf web page layout templates and incorporate the retailer’s own branding.

The scheme covers set-up services, automated site management software, card transaction functions and real-time links with the shop’s stock management, EPoS and back-office system. Other options comprise a click-and-collect facility, Google Shopping, Shopify, WooCommerce, search engine optimisation and smartphone compatibility.

Whilst the scheme is on an all-in cost basis, there is a choice of payment arrangements.

The operating software is identical to Pursuit’s online sales module. With tick-box immediacy, automated site management functions range from changing product descriptions and images, uploading new products, and removing or replacing existing ones to flagging up ‘low stock’, ‘back in stock soon’ and similar item captioning.

Complimentary products can be linked to encourage additional sales and there is provision for the same item to be sold at different prices in the shop and online. Payment transaction functions include automatic order acknowledgement and receipt by email.

Mike Burns, managing director, Pursuit Software commented: “First and foremost, our online sale website innovation is designed to deliver very substantial cost savings. It has been in our development pipeline for some time, but we decided to bring its introduction forward as a practical and affordable way of helping retailers who don’t at present sell online.

“In the space of a few months, web trading has advanced from being an accelerating threat to retailing’s new normal. The reality is, we are now in the age of the digital High Street.

“For retailers, the big lesson of the lockdown is that in keeping the business moving and generating cashflow, selling online is as vital for the security of the business as the shop’s burglar alarm system. This has been borne out by members of our user community with e-commerce sites that run on our online software.”

Mike Burns cites Scottish jewellery and watch retailer, Wallace Allan in the Ayr, as an example. The fifth-generation family-owned business has reportedly experienced an increase in online sales since March 2020. Manager and family member, Ian Allen, has high praise for the efficiency of overall system and the seamless link between the website and the stock management elements.

Burns added: “One of the many advantages of our web software is that it facilitates remote monitoring. In providing a complete out-of-hours overview of web activity, it reflects the fact that in ordinary times, a substantial percentage of online purchases are made in the evening.

“In circumstances like the lockdown, the benefits of a manager or business owner being able to monitor website activity from home do not need spelling out.”

Article taken from the Retail Jeweller. To read the article, – Please click here