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Pursuit targets suppliers with remote selling software and app

EPoS software and solutions specialist Pursuit is preparing to launch its latest software package, Sonic, featuring a “Supplier Link” which it claims will redefine the working relationship between suppliers and their independent retail partners.

By subscribing to Sonic and downloading the free app, sales professionals can see what stock their retailers have and manage orders, track best-sellers and fast-selling lines, and monitor sell-through to offer more tailored product suggestions.

With Sonic, suppliers can suggest timely reorders, reduce lead times and minimise the need for store visits and extensive cross-country travel.

Pursuit managing director, Mike Burns, said: “Sonic will encourage suppliers to become an extension of their retail partners’ buying teams. Although Sonic was designed long before the outbreak of Covid-19, our new software has obvious benefits for suppliers navigating new social distancing guidelines. With drop-in visits from on-the-road sales reps at an all-time low, Sonic can put the power back in suppliers’ hands and allow skilled sales professionals to do what they do best, but in a safe, remote and digital environment.”

The Sonic Supplier Link is composed of two core elements: a Supplier Product Database and a Supplier Sales System. The former functions as an online store, allowing retailers to browse and buy products from any suppliers subscribed to the system. Products chosen are automatically uploaded to a retailer’s stock control system, including images, product descriptions and mark-ups.

The Suppliers Sale System allows subscribed suppliers to review products stocked by each of their customers, suggest new products their customers may benefit from, and assess a customer’s current stock holding. Based on this data, suppliers can suggest reorders, which the customer must agree and confirm.

Should the end-consumer request a product not held by a retailer, they can reach-out to a supplier through Sonic and arrange for an item to be delivered directly to the consumer.

Burns added: “Suppliers can use the sales and stock holding data available to them to be proactive, even if they are miles always from their retail partners. Orders can be made through Sonic, or suppliers can use our software as a tool for more informed phone calls, Zoom conversations or email correspondence. Face-to-face visits will always be an important part of the retailer-supplier relationship, but Sonic offers a data-led, digital solution that’s easy-to-use for suppliers who are perhaps anxious about the upcoming Christmas sales period.”

The Sonic Supplier Link will be available to access on desktop, tablet and mobile for complete flexibility.

Sonic took three years to develop and is being launched to the trade earlier than anticipated in response to leaked information and the on-going impact of Covid-19. The patent-pending Sonic package is considered a first-of-its-kind system for the UK trade and Pursuit has reportedly opted to launch early to maintain its competitive advantage.

Sonic is a multi-faceted software offer, including stock control, point of sale, Chip and Pin, a B2B marketplace, website functionality and the supplier link.

A web launch on 29 July will give independent retailers and suppliers the chance to discover the software package and ask their questions. Following the launch, a free three-month trial period will be offered to suppliers on a first-come-first-served basis. They will then be invited to continue with the service via an affordable monthly paid subscription model.

Article taken from the Retail Jeweller Website. Link to the full article- Click here