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Pursuit outlines details of Sonic software launch

EPoS software and solutions provider, Pursuit, will host an online webinar launch of its latest software package, Sonic, on July 29 at 14:30 via Zoom.

Starting with an introduction to the new cloud-based software, Pursuit will guide independent retailers through Sonic’s stock control, point of sale, Chip and Pin and website functionalities, before speaking directly to suppliers about the innovative ‘Supplier Link’.

Following this, Pursuit will explain how, by working collaboratively, retailers and suppliers using Sonic can increase sales, reduce overstocking, banish long lead times and work together in a completely digital environment.

Sonic is both a standalone software package and an add-on package, which means it can be used by new Pursuit customers and existing customers. This flexibility allows independent retailers, nationwide multiples, emerging brands and long-standing suppliers to benefit.

During the webinar, Burns will outline the much-discussed free elements of Sonic and will explains how suppliers can secure a free three-month free trial. All offers will be made on a first-come-first-served basis. He will also discuss the paid subscription prices associated with the Supplier Link, B2B Marketplace, Chip and Pin and website aspects of Sonic.

This latest software took three years to design and develop and has been created to redefine the relationship between independent retailers and suppliers in the digital space. Earlier this month, Pursuit made the decision to launch the software earlier than planned after details about the software and its capabilities were leaked to the trade press.

The early release of Sonic is also tied to the current Covid-19 pandemic and the desire among retailers and suppliers to resume ‘business as usual’ in a way that adheres to strict social distancing and limited national and overseas travel.

To attend the online launch, register at and follow the instructions provided.

To receive information ahead of time, please contact Pursuit managing director, Mike Burns, on

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