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The view from the shop floor

There is a saying “to be forewarned is to be fore-armed” and this is very true of the staff on the shop floor. With a massive 72 per cent of store staff claiming that customers are more demanding now than they ever used to be, being knowledgeable and confident within an area is an important asset to staff.

For a member of staff to be able to approach a customer and offer pertinent, relevant and welcome information is a huge step forward in developing customer and staff relationships. The member of staff will feel far more confident in his or her dealings with the customer and the customer in turn, will feel that the staff member is taking an interest in their shopping requirements.

The days of a member of staff being half hidden behind a pay point and the only interaction coming with a transaction, should be a thing of the past. The store owner wants his or her staff to be confident, knowledgeable and approachable and the customer wants the same thing.

SmartMPOS enables the staff to develop a great relationship with customers. At the first interaction, the member of staff can quickly find out what the customer is looking for and help him or her find it quickly and easily. Once the knowledge level and competency of the staff has been established in the customer’s mind, then the member of staff can offer suggestions for other things the customer might like. Payment is taken on the spot, which is quick and convenient and all the details of that first interaction can be saved and a snapshot of the customer begins to be created. Future visits further develop the relationship.

This proactive approach helps to eradicate that unwanted scenario of a customer wandering around the shop becoming increasingly frustrated as she or she cannot find the item they want; it also helps prevent the build-up of pressure at a static pay point – as soon as a queue starts to develop, you can almost sense the level of tension getting higher.

The further beauty of SmartMPOS is its simplicity of use. Staff do not want, indeed do not have time for, lots of additional training on new systems. Not only does this system integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, it is also incredibly intuitive and easy to operate.

“92 per cent of customers liked that the staff could take payments there and then.”

SmartMPOS key points for staff engagement:

  1. Intuitive and easy-to-use system
  2. Allows the staff to get out onto the shop floor
  3. Enables staff to build relationships with customers
  4. Increases staff knowledge
  5. Staff feel motivated and appreciated