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The thinking behind SmartMPOS

Speak to any managing director or financial director and mention the words ‘system upgrade’, and you can be pretty sure of a white-faced reaction. All too often a system upgrade results in high costs, lots of disruption and a long staff training period.

When we were developing SmartMPOS, these were the three things that we knew we had to avoid. No business in today’s uncertain economic environment wants to be paying out huge sums of money on upgrading a system. What shops and other retail outlets do want, however, is a smart system that allows the shop assistants to be more productive.

Taking into account customer feedback, we also realised that, while the customers wanted efficient service, they also wanted a more interactive service as well. If they had taken the time to go to the shop, they wanted a personal service; something more than just a transaction at the till point.

Having gathered all these pieces of information we set about developing a system that delivered on every level. And we are very pleased with the outcome.

SmartMPOS has launched in the jewellery sector and is already providing initial great feedback. Now we are extending to the wider retail sector and we think shop owners and managers will like what they see.

Here are some of the key points that SmartMPOS delivers:

SmartMPOS is an extension to your existing EPOS system, meaning there is no expensive and time-consuming installation of a completely new system. The savings for a company can run into the hundreds of thousands. Companies have the option of buying the system outright or renting from a starting point of £17/month – we would expect the increase in staff productivity to cover the outlay on rent many times over.

With SmartMPOS, the mobility offered allows the shop staff to talk, walk and interact with the customer throughout the store. The tablet allows the member of staff to check stock, check colours available, suggest accessories for an item and take payment. The member of staff feels comfortable with the knowledge at his or her fingertips and the customer is getting a completely attentive and personalised shopping experience.

The tablet device is an easy access point to the SmartMPOS system. It is intuitive, meaning staff need very little training to become familiar and competent with the system. There is an integrated Chip and Pin payment processor, so there is no need for a queue at a checkout point.

The SmartMPOS system also offers stores the chance to learn more about their customers. Through the system, the customer’s purchasing history will be readily available so the shop assistant already has a connection with the customer and can make recommendations based on prior purchases.

Today’s world of retail is a fast changing environment with a huge amount of choice for the customer. As retailers, the aim is to get customer loyalty. SmartMPOS is a powerful tool to help retailers offer the very best experience to customers so that they leave the shop in a positive frame of mind. And more importantly, they return time and again!