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SmartMPOS offers a positive customer experience

While the retail environment is a fast-moving beast, there are some things that never change. Customers want good service, staff want to feel valued, word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

We feel SmartMPOS delivers on all three fronts. By getting the staff out from behind the till, the SmartMPOS system allows for a much more personal interaction between the customers and staff. Customers like being greeted by a member of staff and then feeling that they are being given personal attention. With all the customer’s purchasing history at their fingertips, the staff can really help the customer find what they are looking for and make additional suggestions.

For the staff, this is a chance for them to become more than just checkout monitors. They can engage with the customer and really exercise their ability to sell. An engaged member of staff will be able to respond to the customer’s requirements and feel the pride that comes from offering a good service. The staff will also be able to develop a new level of product knowledge – the information about what is in stock, what can be ordered instantly, what colour schemes/sizes are available is at their fingertips – enabling them to demonstrate a good level of knowledge.

It is when the customer leaves the shop that you want the advertising process to begin. Firstly, it is about customer loyalty. If the customer leaves the shop in a positive mindset, feeling that he or she has received the best attention, then it is very likely he or she will return. It is also highly likely that a happy customer will tell his or her friends about the experience and, in doing so, will become an ambassador for your shop/brand. Studies have shown that it costs six to seven times more to acquire a new customer than keep an old one, so our aim is to help you build a loyal tribe of happy customers, by helping your staff offer the best in customer service.

Then there is social media. A good review on TripAdvisor or Google Review will be seen by anyone searching for your business. A glowing update on Facebook, a positive mention on Twitter, a picture of the products on Instagram – these are all ways that the customer is helping your business grow.

As we see it, customer loyalty really is the new marketing. Today’s customers have access to an endless amount of information about your business, and research shows that they’re ready and willing to stick with companies who go above and beyond to create a fantastic customer experience.

And just to add a little elementary research into the mix: A customer interactions study conducted by the Gallup Group analysed the roles speed and overall service quality play in maintaining customer loyalty.

Gallup’s findings show an expected outcome: Customers who felt that they received quick, responsive service were six times more likely to be rated as “engaged” (in support of the brand).

However, speed was not the largest driver for customer loyalty. Customers were nine times more likely to be engaged with the brand when they evaluated the service as “courteous, willing, and helpful.”

Businesses can expect to be rewarded with more engagement if they encourage their employees to take the necessary time to deliver an outstanding experience. SmartMPOS helps your staff do just that.