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Putting the customer first

Imagine the scenario: a customer walks into your shop and is greeted immediately by a member of staff. They enjoy a quick conversation where the customer outlines his or her requirements and the member of staff is able to locate the goods quickly and efficiently. During the course of the conversation, the staff member suggests some other items that might complement the purchase – if it is a jacket, there might be the perfect accompanying tie; a pair of gloves might complement the leather handbag your customer is buying. The transaction is completed there and then and the customer leaves the shop happy and with everything he or she needed… and a couple of things that hadn’t been on the list.

This is not some imaginary shopping paradise. This is the shopping experience that you and your staff could be giving your customers right now. With the retail industry under heavy fire from online shopping, now more than ever, shop owners need a way of making a visit to the store something that customers value. The best way of doing that is to make the experience as convenient and pleasurable as possible.
Shop assistants stuck behind the till needs to become a thing of the past, interaction between staff and customers is the way to keep those customers returning time and again. And, by giving your staff the knowledge they need to do the job well, their own levels of satisfaction at a job well done will rise. A happy and motivated staff is one of the keys to a successful business.

This is all very possible with the SmartMPOS system from Pursuit Software. Shop assistants carry a tablet which holds all the information they need to help the customer find what they are looking for. What’s in stock, what colour/size choices are available, what accessories might the customer need, the potential for giving your staff enhanced knowledge is huge.

It is also convenient. Payment can be taken there and then, which means the customer isn’t stuck in a queue. E-receipts are sent to the customer, dispensing with the need for paper receipts and, so importantly, you have captured customer data so the next shopping experience can be even more tailored and personal.

And it is what happens after the customer leaves the shop that is so vital to your business. The conversation with friends about the “great shopping experience”, the post on Facebook or Twitter about how friendly the staff were on their trip to your store. And the most telling factor of all – the return visit!

“2 out of 3 shoppers said they want better availability of staff on the shop floor”

SmartMPos Key points for great customer service:

  1. Customers and staff can engage and interact anywhere within the store
  2. Staff have a knowledge of the customer’s shopping history so can make informed suggestions
  3. No queuing at a check-out
  4. E-receipts, chip and pin and contactless all make for a seamless payment system
  5. To reflect our multi-cultural world, the system offers a choice of languages
  6. The shopping experience is quick, convenient and personalised