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Using mobile technology to improve productivity

Mobile technology is changing the retail landscape and Pursuit Software is at the forefront of the revolution with its SmartMPOS system.

The first challenge for all managers is how to keep your employees engaged. The larger your business, the more difficult it is to make sure that staff are informed, connected and productive. How does an employee on the second floor collaborate or share ideas with a manager on the ground floor? By the time the employee has walked the flight of stairs and crossed the retail space the original idea that sparked earlier may have disappeared.

The mobile device can provide a tool for instant communication. We have devoted much talk to the interaction between shop staff and customers but let’s not forget the interaction between staff.

According to a report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, “Workers who use mobile technology well are typically more productive, creative, satisfied and loyal.”

We already know that mobile technology is a solution to enhancing employee empowerment, the next challenge comes with how to most effectively employ this tool.

  1. Source of information
    SmartMPOS is a constant source of ready information. What’s in stock, what colours are available, what sizes are available, the next delivery date – all vital pieces of information that the employee needs when talking to a customer. The system also allows stores with multiple outlets to stay in contact with each other and up to date with any store developments. Through the system, stores can share information easily and quickly.
  2. Staff engagement
    The literature stressing the importance of employee engagement, and proving its value, is endless. Employers that ignore this research do so to their inevitable detriment. Alex Edmans, in a paper in the Academy of Management Perspectives, “studied 28 years of data and found that firms with high employee satisfaction outperform their peers by 2.3% to 3.8% per year in long-run stock returns – 89% to 184% cumulative – even after controlling for other factors that drive returns.”
  3. Increase productivity
    Mobile technology such as SmartMPOS effectively increases productivity and help employees to improve on KPI’s, allowing them to be empowered to more quickly complete tasks and excel at their jobs. A rise in productivity and time savings allows the employee to get more done in a day, and can mean big savings for the company.
  4. Future proofing
    An added benefit of implementing mobile technology is these applications can be constantly iterated and improved upon based on the changing retail climate and needs of the users. An investment in mobile technology could mean lasting savings for retailers.

By using a tablet as the technology platform for SmartMPOS, Pursuit Software has provided staff with technology they are most likely already accustomed to using in everyday life. This has two effects: it is easier to train staff to use the system and the staff will feel comfortable using the system straight away.

We believe that learning to use a system such as SmartMPOS is a positive experience, miles removed from the old system of a classroom lecture, watching a DVD or reading a word-heavy manual. SmartMPOS training is dynamic and people will learn more effectively because it is on a device they are familiar with.

  1. Improving accessibility
    Providing employees with access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively is a ‘no-brainer’, but until the introduction of SmartMPOS, it has been difficult to ensure that staff have all the information they need at their fingertips. By having all the necessary information they need to do the job effectively, an employee will feel valued and competent.

In conclusion, Pursuit Software chairman Doug Burns says: “Mobile devices are part of the modern culture and have permeated all parts of daily life. SmartMPOS has taken that on board and incorporated mobile devices into the retail environment.”