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Empowering staff through SmartMPOS

A business is only as strong as its staff and good staff are hard to come by but even harder to retain. All of which means that the more a manager or owner of a business can create an environment that attracts great people and is able to help them develop through the business, the more successful the business will become.

According to the Quantum Workforce 2015 Employee Engagement Trends Report, there is “a direct link between engagement and profit. In organisations that showed a profit increase, 69% of employees were engaged, compared to 56% employee engagement in organisations where profits decreased.”

At Pursuit Software, we have thought long and hard about what technical innovations and solutions will not only help the business as a whole, but will also empower and support staff in their daily workplace. And we think the SmartMPOS system hits the right buttons in a number of ways.

The key to happy and productive employees is making sure they feel competent and important within their role. How many times have you walked into a retail outlet and seen a disengaged member of staff lurking behind the till, the only integration with the customer being a financial transaction?

With SmartMPOS, the employees are able to actively engage with customers from the minute someone enters the shop. Device in hand, the staff member can approach the customer safe in the knowledge that he or she will be able to answer questions, deal with queries and even make buying suggestions based on purchasing history.

If the customer is looking for an item in a different colour to the one on display, a quick check on the system will let the staff member know if the item is in stock. If not, some quick tapping and an item can be ordered or held at another store.

A repeat customer might be open to suggestions for items or accessories based on previous acquisitions.

As the customer makes his or her decision, the payment can be taken quickly, on the spot, meaning the customer is not kept waiting in a queue and once again, the staff member is able to record a successful, quick transaction.

The important point is that the customer and the employee are interacting and the employee is very conscious that he or she is providing a service, rather than watching from the side-lines. If the customer goes away happy, the employee will get the innate satisfaction of a job well done.