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Free personal mobile till tablets from Pursuit

Jewellery retail systems market lead Pursuit is giving away a free tablet computer with Lifestyle personal mobile till installed by 30 April 2019.

Over the past year, Pursuit has signed up over 250 new user licences, predominantly for installations that integrate mobile tills on tablets.

The popularity of Lifestyle till technology has been enhanced over the past year by the addition of automatic GDPR compliant information capture. Before the legislation came into force, the GDPR software suite was made available as a free upgrade for exiting Pursuit system users.

Integral with the purely data holding aspect, for new customers and existing ones who haven’t previously signed up, the GDPR process conveniently links to Pursuit email, text messaging and postal marketing tools for sales offers and similar promotions.

in possible future purchases, for example forthcoming new items and soon-to-be-launched complementary products. There is also an automatic alert for following up particular items that customers have expressed interest in and informing them that these are now in stock.

Comments Mike Burns, Managing Director, Pursuit Software:

“In the jewellery sector, our mobile till software product is the well-established trendsetter – and where tills-on-tablets are concerned, jewellers are showing the rest of the High Street the way”.

“Advice to retailers is coming from every direction to reinvent their offer and the shopping experience. Mobile tills are a key part of that – and jewellers using Lifestyle personal tills will attest to its effectiveness. “By shifting the point of sale to wherever customers are in the retail space avoids customers having to queue to pay because staff have to wait their turn where a shop has a single fixed countertop till”.

“It is of course important to understand there is a world of difference between a mobile till and simple mobile card reader. There is a lot of media talk about the value of going mobile, but this relates almost exclusively to card payment and barcode scanning”.

“By contrast, in terms of ‘mobile’, our Lifestyle product is the real deal. Lifestyle sales tool. It is a sales tool that combines till functions with quick-search records – complete with images – of the shop’s entire stock. It is designed to not only transform the dynamics of staff-customer interaction, it helps make it easier for staff to steer the sales process”.

Mike Burns ends:

“For matching and mix-and-match items, it is an obvious and perfect aid to upselling. Items of interest can be selected and listed on screen before being taken from a display or the safe – and details include the current stock position. Because Pursuit functions in real time, the stock records are as up to the moment as the most recent transaction – and that includes items held at a different branch of the shop”.

“Our free tablet offer applying to new Lifestyle installations by the end of April is an inducement to jewellers reassessing the future in the face of the internet. But Pursuit of course also has a website software option. This is integrated with the system’s central sales and stock databases – and is complete with a click-and-collect function. This is obviously valuable in driving footfall”.

The company enjoys a reputation for technical support and responsiveness to new and changing customer needs. An example of this was prompted by feedback from a shop with a staff member with colour vision deficiency (colour blindness). Pursuit’s response was to develop a screen colour change function.

Overall system support includes structured staff training. This can take place at the retailer’s site, or Pursuit’s centre in Norwich, or a central location where a retailer has a number of branches.