Staying ahead of the curve

When it comes to innovation and ensuring that customers are offered the very best service, then Pursuit Software is among the leaders in the field. Very early on in its life, the father and son team Doug and Mike Burns realised that to stay ahead of the game they needed to offer two things above all else: quality and value for money.

As an important supplier of technology to the retail sector, Pursuit Software continues to live by those measures. Quality comes in the form of making sure that technology is innovative, robust and the best on the market; value for money is largely delivered by the compatibility that Pursuit Software equipment has with existing systems. All too often a system upgrade means huge expense for a company; at Pursuit Software, the team understands that this cost needs to be negligible or non-existent.

The work of Pursuit Software in push innovation, particularly within payments and stock control, has been recognised and reported on by the online publication Jewellery Focus.

The article outlines how Pursuit Software’s state-of-the-art payment option offers automated transfer of sales, stock and customer records within 24 hours, thus saving the time-consuming task of entering records manually.

There are several benefits to this new automated service: there is no risk of human error when the data is entered; the process is quick; and the data transfer process can upload records from shops at multiple locations.

Speaking to the online publication, Mike Burns, managing director, Pursuit Software, said: “The moving picture across the business provided by our unique real-time sharing of multiple-shop, online sales and stock databases is one of many reasons jewellers decide to switch to Pursuit from another system provider.

“Of particular interest to jewellers reviewing their existing arrangements and contractual commitments is that Pursuit offers flexibility from the financial perspective.”

Pursuit Software technology, which offers options such as mobile personal till technology, is used widely across a number of retail sectors, but the biggest customer base is the jewellery and watch sector. This is unsurprising as it is where Pursuit Software started its journey.

One of the factors that keeps Pursuit Software ahead of the competitors is its ability to offer compatibility with existing systems, both payment options and sales technology.

Mike Burns explains further: “The good news is, Pursuit is compatible with most proprietary e-commerce platforms, as well as offering genuinely state-of-the art alternatives.

“To a varying extent, IT solutions from some providers depend on bought-in software elements. Connections between individual packages is notorious for suffering disruptive glitches. Here, Pursuit also has a significant edge.

“Together with a highly talented in-house team of systems analysts, software developers and programmers, our core technology has been designed with an exceptional level of built-in flexibility. This means that, where required, our standard, off-the-shelf software modules can be customised to accommodate the particular needs of individual businesses.

“Rather than a straightjacket, the Pursuit system offers virtually unlimited flexibility and capacity to accommodate present needs and future change as new ones emerge. For our user community, this is an addition and well-recognised comfort factor.”

Here at Pursuit Software we are very focused on providing our customers with the very best and most cost-effective service but our thanks go to Jewellery Focus for its recognition.