Playing our part in your success

For small-to medium size businesses, service providers such as Pursuit Software are an important part of the wider team behind a company’s success.

Where huge global giants might have every conceivable service covered by a range of in-house teams, for the small to medium sized company or the newly-emerging start-ups, knowing that an expert is just a phone call away is a huge relief.

That is why it is so important for companies such as Pursuit Software to build trust and open relationships with customers and good customer service is at the heart of our business for that reason. Once we have entered into a relationship with a customer, we want to prove that we are totally on their side.

In the case of the services offered by Pursuit Software, there are three main benefits in working with us.

Expert, up-to-date knowledge

A company, whatever its field of expertise, should be focused on its core business. If that is selling jewellery, then that is what the staff should be doing. If it is a clothes retailer or a carpentry company or a horticultural business – that is where all the sales, marketing and customer interactions should be focused. If there are new developments in the field of IT and POS systems, then it is up to the team at Pursuit Software to keep the customer up-to-speed. There will be times when new developments come onto the market are they are just not suitable for a business to invest in. That is also our responsibility. The IT market remains young, dynamic and ever-evolving and it is easy to get caught up in updating systems that are marketed as the next ‘big thing’. Our task is to match the best solutions to your needs and we do that by establishing a long-term, trusting relationship with our customers.


This is the big one for retailers. Details and data regarding a company’s customers have to be collected, stored and deleted under the strictest of conditions. Even as you read this, someone, somewhere will be thinking up a scam or a hack that puts millions of people’s online security at risk. Just as 50 years ago, company’s would employ security personnel to keep property and goods safe, now IT companies are doubling up as security guards to ensure that identities and personal details are safe. At Pursuit Software we use an industry standard 2048-bit data encryption for maximum security.

Confidence in the IT systems

Whether it is the staff who know that they have a wealth of information at their fingertips to pass onto the customer or the manager who knows what stock need to be ordered, the MPOS system gives the workforce confidence in their day-to-day work. Equally, a customer can be confident that their requirements will be met as efficiently as possible; their payment will be taken securely and the service they receive will be consistently good. The team at Pursuit Software knows that the best relationships are those that are built on trust, honesty, openness and longevity. That is why we work hard to be a critical friend to our customers across the UK.