Getting down to the basics

If you are looking to introduce a Point of Sale (POS) system into your business, we at Pursuit Software are more than aware that it is a competitive market out there.

The fact you are on our website means you are either an existing customer or considering us as your provider so, rather than get ‘salesy’ with you, we thought we would just offer some general guidance and advice about Point of Sales systems and their use.

The first thing to note is that POS is suitable for all types of business, whatever their size or sector of the economy. If you are selling a service or a product then a POS system will work for you. POS is used in sectors ranging from retail, automotive, farm shops and pharmacy.

A POS system is at heart a cash register, but it also opens up a whole new world of data about your business. It certainly is not a system that is limited to selling; there are many, many more operations that can be tapped into, all combining to make your business more efficient and successful.

Firstly, a POS system will save time by managing your inventory, meaning you can review stock easily and your staff will have all the information they need to best serve the customer.

Then there is the data capture. For a customer facing business, this is priceless. Through your POS system you can capture, store and analyse data, meaning you can target sales and marketing more efficiently. In turn, this leads to better customer relationships. Take a simple example: you sell a coat to a customer. It was yellow and brown. The next time that customer comes into the shop, your sales assistant not only notes what the customer is looking for, but is also able to offer accessories – scarves and bags – that complement a yellow and brown colour scheme. The customer is delighted to get such great personal service: so delighted she tells several friends, thus doing your marketing for you.

And if you have multiple locations, a POS system will allow you to track all your operations, comparing figures from various stores, shifting stock to meet demand or tracking employees’ performance.

The benefits of POS system are many. Here are just a handful.

  1. POS systems eliminate human error
  2. Bar code scanning facilities make transactions quick and save customers time
  3. POS systems help monitor sales records and alert you when stocks are running low
  4. You can track and manage your inventory in real time
  5. You can keep an accurate record of daily transactions
  6. The system leads to better customer relationships. You can easily sort out a return, an exchange or help with an additional purchase based on records
  7. The accounting process is simplified
  8. POS systems help the staff provide a great service to customers by instantly feeding information on available stock
  9. POS system allows you to add promotions or discounts on products
  10. The transaction takes far less time as it can take place anywhere in the store

The most important thing to say about POS systems is that the immediate and detailed flow of information that such a system can provide will help you and your staff run a more efficient, more competitive operation. And that has to be good news.